Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) Erasmus Scholarships 2023

Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) Erasmus Scholarship 2023-2024 is open for international students to pursue masters degree program in Sustainable Tropical Forestry. Sustainable tropical forestry is a worldwide issue. Between one and two billion individuals rely on wood-based energy; non-wood forest products and facilities are essential to the survival of over one billion impoverished individuals, primarily in urban regions; timber is an significant commodity for both national and export economies; and individuals in emerging nations are increasingly worried about the destiny of tropical forests. Trees and woodlands are increasingly acknowledged and included in poverty alleviation policies to add to sustainable development in tropical and subtropical nations.

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This program is a combined master’s degree in five host universities in (Denmark, UK, Germany, France, and Italy) and a Joint Spring Module This two-year Master’s degree in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) is a world-class program aimed at preparing skilled graduates to address the complicated elements of modern tropical forestry..The program provides the students with:

  • A firm theoretical foundation.
  • Ability to function on the international scene, and openness to foreign cultures.
  • All competencies needed for working as a researcher or in tropical forest practices, e.g. development agencies, consultancies, NGOs, international organizations, ministries, governmental agencies, or district forest offices.

Scholarship Summary

Courses Offered

  • Agroforestry systems.
  • Forests and livelihoods in developing countries.
  • Tropical forest management.
  • Environmental management and policies for tropical forests.
  • Social and environmental responsibility in tropical forestry.

Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship provides the recipients with below benefits:

  • Contribution to the travel and installation costs. It is an incentive to help to cover the additional costs related to the issuing of visas, residence permits, etc. as well as the temporary accommodation needs upon arrival in the first Programme Country hosting HEI.
  • 2000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4.000 km from the EMMIC coordinating HEI.
  • 3000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1000 EUR for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at 4.000 km or more from the EMMIC coordinating HEI.
  • Contribution to subsistence costs and must not be given to Partner Country Scholarship holders for the EMMC periods exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.
  • 1000 EUR per month for the entire duration (120 ECTS)of the EMJMD study programme (24 months maximum).

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Eligibility Criteria for Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) Erasmus Scholarships

To be eligible for Fully Funded Master’s Scholarship with Erasmus, these points should be considered:

  • Required Languages:
    • English.
    • French (if you choose it to be the studying language in France’s campus).
    • Local language (courses are available at all the partner institutions).
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor’s program you are eligible to apply for the Master’s program in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR).
  • You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background; see the language requirements.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area, e.g. forestry, agriculture, biology, geography, economics, you are directly academically qualified for admission to the MSc Program.
  • The Faculty may also admit applicants who, after an individual academic assessment, are deemed to possess educational qualifications equivalent to those required above.

How to Apply for Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) Erasmus Scholarships?

Please follow below steps to avail this scholarship.

  • Create an application at the application portal.
  • Upload the required documents, see the list.
  • Follow your application on the website.
  • Check your application results, You will receive your application result via the application portal no later than 01 July. The result may come earlier, so it is important that you keep an eye out for messages.
  • Accept your offer of admission.

When you receive a message at the application portal, you will receive an email at the mail address you have registered with your application. Please be aware that emails from the application portal may end up in your spam filter.


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