Student Accommodation Options in China

Are you sure where you are going to live while you study in China? This is what you need to know about accommodation for international students. Searching for your own accommodation can be a challenge, but you have a number of options when deciding where to live in China. Universities usually offer accommodation to international students, so ask your institution about the alternatives before you start searching on your own!

Tips to get student accommodation

  • Always stay in touch with your university, if you have any questions about the accommodation.
  • You must be aware of all pending expenses, including electricity, water (potable and for washing), internet, transportation, laundry and others.
  • Check the contract carefully so that you are aware of all the expenses and the rules of the house.
  • Take your time! You can not select the place where you will live immediately. Start your search in advance so you can get the place that best suits you!

Accommodation within the campus

Dorms are often the cheapest and most convenient option for college students. Many universities have dormitories specifically for international students, who share their experience as foreigners in China. You can choose between a single room or shared by two or more people in many universities. They may have showers and private bathrooms connected to a room or a bathroom shared with other people living in your apartment. However, most of the bedrooms have no kitchens in the rooms, but there is a larger cafeteria in the building where students can buy food. Prices vary from university to university, with some rooms costing as low as 800 yen, equivalent to 86 yen, for the entire academic year. Be sure to ask for more information from your university, because some students have to pay for water and electricity, while others have to pay for it.

Private apartments

No matter where you study, you almost always have a chance to rent your own apartment. Since China is such a big nation, prices differ depending on where you want to study. The average rent in downtown Beijing is 7.185 yen per month, or 770 yen. In bigger towns, such as Shenyang, the same sort of apartment would cost 1525 yen, roughly 165 yen, per month.

Before you are looking for a private apartment, please contact your university to see if this is the best choice for you. While renting an apartment might be better than sleeping quarters, you probably don’t know as many people, and it might be more difficult if you don’t know Chinese.