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Pursue your education in Japan. Good news! Applications for NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship are currently open. In this article, we will explain in detail about this scholarship program, its benefits, and the step-by-step application process.

NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship 2025 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. Period of employment is up to 3 years from the initial date of hire with reappointment on an annual basis. This fellowship will provide an annual salary of approx. 4,100,000 JPY including tax will be paid, mutual society of health insurance, commuting allowance (conditional), and compensation insurance.

The National Institute of Genetics (herein” NIG”) employs young promising researchers as NIG postdoctoral research fellows (herein” NIG postdocs”) and involve them in research activities at the institute for a limited amount of time, aiming at further development of research at NIG and fostering researchers with excellent research ability.

The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) was established by the Ministry of Education in 1949 for the integrated and applied study of theory and basic genetics research, as well as its instruction and promotion.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s): National Institute of Genetics
  • Study in: Japan
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: See the list below.
  • Program Period: Period of employment is up to 3 years from the initial date of hire with reappointment on an annual basis.
  • Deadline: July 05, 2024

Courses Offered

  • Genome Informatics
  • Biological
  • Plant Genetics
  • Evolutionary Genetics
  • Ecological Genetics
  • DNA Data Analysis
  • Population Genetics
  • Symbiosis and Cell Evolution
  • Model Fish Genetics
  • Multicellular Organization
  • Brain Function
  • Molecular and Developmental Biology
  • Cell Dynamics and Signaling
  • Plant Cytogenetics
  • Mammalian Neural Circuits
  • Microbial Physiology
  • Mouse Genomics Resource
  • Epigenomics
  • Molecular Cell Engineering
  • Genome Dynamics
  • Cell Architecture
  • Invertebrate Genetics
  • Quantitative Mechanobiology
  • Systems Neuroscience
  • Chromosome Biochemistry

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Program Period:

  • Period of employment is up to 3 years from the initial date of hire with reappointment on an annual basis.

Scholarship Coverage

NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship provides

  • Annual salary approx. 4,100,000 JPY including tax will be paid.
  • Mutual society of health insurance,
  • Commuting allowance (conditional),
  • Employment insurance will be covered.
  • Compensation insurance

Eligibility Criteria for NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship

To qualify for NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Institute of Genetics in Japan, the candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  • Those who have sufficient research skills to pursue research projects in genetics.
  • Those who have obtained PhD degree (or equivalent) or are expected to obtain it. The degree must be obtained before the date of arrival at the post.
  • Applications by those who have been enrolled in NIG in the past as of 2023 March 31 are not eligible to apply. A current/former postdoc, technical staff at NIG, or graduate student (at Dept. of Genetics, SOKENDAI) cannot apply. Temporal visits, such as internships, do not count.
  • NIG postdocs are expected to positively contribute to the vitalization of the entire NIG research. (For example, they are expected to actively participate in NIG Poster Sessions, NIG Retreats, and in NIG colloquia.). For this reason, research plans requiring a long-term stay at an institute/ university outside NIG are generally not accepted.
  • NIG postdocs are required to make a presentation of their achievement at the NIG colloquium at the end of the employment period.
  • Publications must include an acknowledgment of the support from NIG postdoc grant.

How to Apply for NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship?

Please follow the following instructions to avail NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship at National Institute of Genetics in Japan:

(1) PDF files of the following documents should be sent via e-mail after consulting with your prospective PI about your research project.
Please refer to our website for contact details and research outlines of PIs who are recruiting postdocs. NIG Website:

(2) Prepare the following documents Form 1 to 4 in the specified forms which can be downloaded from the link. The following points should be kept in mind when you prepare the documents.

  • Applications must be filled out in Japanese or English.
  • Figures can be inserted and color can be used in Format 2 and 4.
  • Do not change the layout, size (A4), and number of pages.
  • 2 Reference Letters from the Supervisor and host PI.

(3) Send the files after merging them into a single PDF file to this email:


To learn more about NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Institute of Genetics in Japan, please visit the official websites:

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